Interactive Itinerant Sound Installation

MÀDER is an interactive and itinerant sound installation. It is composed of ferrous materials, made by the blacksmiths of the forge through the use of the mallet and supported by a metal structure. It is a series of iron discs that the Camuni blacksmiths call, precisely, MÀDER, which in addition to having a practical function of protective casing from the blows of the sweater in the production of buckets, are characterized by an evocative sound.

In addition to the sound and visual peculiarities, MÀDER contains a set of precious information, kept in the identity of the Valle Camonica area: from the productive value that the working of iron has held for generations, to the historical significance and the link with the prehistoric world. The intention of the project is to bring these artifacts back to nature, the place from which the iron is extracted, and then return to the forge-museum.