2021 – FUSIONE

Sound Installation

“FUSIONE” is a sound installation that aims to be a tool to focus attention on the issue of climate change and how these have a direct effect on our territories.

The idea is to recreate a “sacred-sound” space through a totemic structure, represented by a block of ice suspended in the air where inside there is a rock taken from the Sabbione glacier and the sediments of the river bed, the The suspended object will be in direct relationship with the place that will host the installation, i.e. the Orridi di Uriezzo, effective testimony of the action of the glaciers on the landscape.

A sound plate will be placed on the ground in correspondence with the block of ice. The melting ice will form a drop which will begin to fall on the plate by gravity, generating a rhythmic sound. The scan and duration of the fusion process will depend on the ambient temperature and environmental factors and the final detachment will create a very powerful closing sound. The melting ice will reveal the bare rock hanging inside.

Rendering installation