Sound Installation

“Ablazione Sonora” is an installation conceived for the project “un suono in estinzione” and was exhibited during the international ars electronica 2022 festival and at the Musil from 17 September to 27 November 2022.

The installation summarizes 24 hours of melting activity of the Adamello glacier through sound, acquired through the use of 4 bioacoustic recorders, scientifically placed in the belly of gorges and fissures during the summer of 2021, over 3880 hours were acquired of registrations.

The installation showcases the scientific data collected, creating an engaging perceptive and emotional dimension, allowing for an unprecedented point of view on the implications and negative consequences of climate change on fragile ecosystems. In fact, 92% of Alpine glaciers risk disappearing by the end of this century.

“Ablazione Sonora” is composed of a multi-channel audio system, a light source and a device on which temperatures, time and sound power are indicated, recorded in conjunction with the sounds in which the viewer is immersed. The artist’s intention is to transform the exhibition space into a crescendo of sensations experienced firsthand during expeditions on the glacier, linking scientific data, sound and light.