Buying this track will go entirely in charity support the activities out by “Amici della Natura Val Saviore “.

On August 28th 2018 Italo Bigioli and NEUNAU set up a recording session using a selection of recall horns. The chosen location in the valley of Saviore is named “Località Brata”. Inside the dense forest that characterises it they found a suggestive shelter under a boulder where the recording session took place.

On October 26th 2018 that same spot was destroyed by the “VAIA storm”, eradicating all the trees in its passage, fatefully changing the landscape.

“ the sound of the Ibex Horn is precious and playing it is a strong and precise signal that goes straight into our limbic system, to the archaic part of the human brain. The area that governs all the spontaneous and automatics reactions, taking us straight back to the origin of our species. “

Italo Biglioli

“ the might of the origin is also a prelude of the future : the sound becomes creation. Humility is power because it understands the sound. The end of the sound the bring us to the silence where everything is contained : past, present, future. “

Italo Biglioli