Performed by Antonino Politano as a free improv session held at the San Lorenzo church in Val Camonica in 2019, this record sees the custom contrabass recorder as its sole protagonist.

Later reworked and produced in 2021, Neunau carries on his signature approach in a mesmerising accession cementing controlled chaos to glorious, ghostly melodics in a style very much reminiscent of his 2019 ‘Quadraphonic Transmission – Live in S.Vittore and the Forty Martyrs’ performance.

released April 23, 2021

Paetzold contrabass recorder performed by Antonino Politano at San Lorenzo Church, Val Camonica, Italy. Recorded and produced by Neunau. Mastered by Francesco Fabris at Greenhouse Studios, Reykjavik, Iceland.

Special thanks to Davide Bassanesi for giving us access to the San Lorenzo Church.