NEUNAU is an artistic project focused on sound research, started during 2015, in Valcamonica. This ancient name was found carved on a rock surface in the LOA area, an Iron Age sacred place of recent discovery. NEUNAU’s investigations develop from the smallest details conveyed by a sound source, capturing and studying these sounds, searching for their musical potentiality. The main character is the sound itself, used to tell own story for creating audio tracks, documentaries and installations.

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On August 28th 2018 Italo Bigioli and NEUNAU set up a recording session using a selection of recall horns. The chosen location in the valley of Saviore is named “Località Brata”. Inside the dense forest that characterises it they found a suggestive shelter under a boulder where the recording session took place.

On October 26th 2018 that same spot was destroyed by the “VAIA storm”, eradicating all the trees in its passage, fatefully changing the landscape.

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> RUMUR Volume 1

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Riproduci video

It took place in the Milanese desecrated church of S.Vittore and the Forty Martyrs on October 2018. A choral performance that translates in-depth research to a live improvisation and inspired with the monks of the sacred monastery of Chiaravalle.

Tapes still available on UNTIL RIOTS Bandcamp

Thanks to terzo paesaggio and Manuela Barone for organizing the event.
Video By Tania Bornacin.




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Riproduci video

Eight tracks that rework the sound recorded inside a tunnel in Parzanica and inside the Pantano dam, Lp published by Borin Machines.

Video showing how the cover of Lp “IL CICLO DEL VUOTO” was made. Buy on:… Cover realized in the press museum, Lodovico Pavoni of Artogne (Valcamonica), through a printing press of 1880, composed by Marino Andreoli and Sergio Maggioni.

Cover jacket printed at the “Lodovico Pavoni of Artogne (Valcamonica)” press museum, through a printing press of 1880. Typeset composed by Marino Andreoli and Sergio Maggioni.
All covers are unique pieces of art.
300 copies hand-numbered.