In 2017, under a commission by Comme des Garçons, NEUNAU produced the music track “Concrete”, working along with Vice France also on the creation of the video documentary “Sound of Concrete”, that follows the journey of the cement, from the explosions in the quarry of Tavernola to the working places inside the Pantano dam.

Following the work made for the “Concrete” documentary, Neunau has worked on all the recorded sound sources took in his beloved mountains and assembled a new thematic album based on the life of Concrete.
The harsher aspects of the sound quality of the element are collected and treated to create a quite menacing bit of music. Once again with his hands deep in the very inner substance of the chosen sound source, Neunau is able to convey its essence through sound.

The project is completed with a study in old-fashion typography: with the help of maestro Marino Andreoli, Neunau went to hand-print on a mobile character letterpress from 1880, which is part of the typography museum Lodovico Pavoni of Artogne in Valcamonica. As a result, every LP jacket is a unique piece of art, with different shades of ink and slightly different positions of the shapes involved.

released May 10, 2019 on boringmachines

Produced by Neunau
Mixed and mastered by Piero Villa & Sergio Maggioni at Rumore Bianco Studio (Esine, Valcamonica)
Sounds on tracks 1/3/4/5/6 captured at the grinding tunnel of the Marna quarry in Parzanica
Sounds on track 2 captured inside the Pantano dam in Temù