“it was nothing but a recollection of a pagan rite, performed to help the sun to stay high in the sky, so that he could warm the earth and keep her productive, when the man perceived that he had begun his descent into the winter rest”

NEUNAU gets into these ancestral suggestions to compose Enotimas, the second chapter of the first, self-titled, disk “Neunau”, published by Parachute Records in 2016, both continuing its trip through a forgotten symbolism and deepening its sonic exploration.

The mallet, the small mallets, the work of the blacksmiths and the artefacts produced in the forge through a thousand-year-old technique, is the sonic “waste” that NEUNAU combined to create the tracks of Enotimas, which takes inspiration in the primitive action and links, ideally, a long gone past with an eternal present.

Enotimas is published in a limited edition of 30 unique vinyl discs. Published by incisionirupestri, the package is made of rough, 300grams paper, while the print is handcrafted by the artisans at the Museum of Print in Artogne (BS), using some wood engravings carved by NEUNAU and printed directly on the front cover with a 1848 printing press. Each vinyl is a unique.


Produced & composed by Neunau

Mastering in Rumore Bianco (Esine) Valcamonica by Piero Villa

Release cured by Incisionirupestri

Packaging and printing made in the Artogne press museum



NEUNAU is an artistic project focused on sound research, started during 2015, in Valcamonica.

This ancient name was found carved on a rock surface in the LOA area, an Iron Age sacred place of recent discovery.

The project is carried out through an archaeological and musicological approach to the sound research.

NEUNAU’s sound investigations develop from the smallest details conveyed by a sound source, capturing and studying these sounds, searching for their musical potentiality, with the aim to produce audio tracks and documentary clips, where the main character is the sound itself, used to tell its own story.

The first concept work to be published, in 2016, was realised in the forge of Bienno, in middle Valcamonica, where still nowadays iron is hand worked with the use of an ancient, huge, sledgehammer. The forge itself has been equipped as a recording studio, by placing a number of microphones in specific points of the room, in close contact with the blacksmiths and their metal tools.

The outcome was published as a music album and a video documentary, previewed by Vice Creator Project America.

In 2016 NEUNAU also realised a live performance, site specific, in the old and dismissed thermoelectric powerplant of Daste e Spalenga in Bergamo, in collaboration with the installation “Passi” by artist Alfredo Pirri. The live recording of the set is published  shortly later on NEUNAU’s Bandcamp.

In 2017, on a commission by Comme des Garçons, NEUNAU produced the music track “Concrete”, working along with Vice France also on the creation of the video documentary “Sound of Concrete”, that follows the journey of the cement, from the explosions in the quarry of Tavernola to the working places inside the Pantano dam.



NEUNAU, Valcamonica.

July 2015.

NexTones w/ Andy Stott, Fennesz, Legowelt (Cave di Verbania)

October 2015.

robot Festival w/ Lena Wilikens, Powell, Koreless (Palazzo Re Enzo, Bologna)

 Collaboration with French artist Natacha Mankowski for the video “Deeper”, screened in Berghain Panorama Bar (Berlin)

March 2016.

Collaboration with german artist Julian Weber for “Constructing Ruins” (District, Berlin)

May 2016.

NEUNAU EP, Parachute Records

Production of the video documentary “Sounds from the Forge”, directed by Giovanni Franzoi.

Collaboration with Silvio Mancini (Otolab)

Interview by Charles Smidlin for Vice Creators Project US.

July 2016

Performance in the former power station Daste e Spalenga (Bergamo), for the “Invisible Show” hosted by Contemporary Locus and Alfredo Pirri’s “Passi” art installation.

November 2017

“Sound of Concrete”, video documentary produced by NEUNAU and Vice France, directed by Elodie Rassel, in partnership with Comme des Garçons for the “Concrete Fragrance Campaign”.