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May 2015 
The project Neunau starts in Valcamonica.

July 2015
NexTones w/ Andy Stott, Fennesz, Legowelt, Cava di Verbania.

October 2015
roBot Festival w/ Lena Willikens, Powell, Koreless, Palazzo Re Enzo, Bologna

October 2015
Collaboration with french artist Natacha Mankowski for “Deeper”, screened in Berghain, Berlin.

March 2016
Collaboration with german artist Julian Weber for “Constructing Ruins”, District, Berlin

May 2016
“Neunau EP”, Parachute Records.
production of “Sounds from the forge” documentary, directed by Giovanni Franzoi.
Collaboration with Silvio Mancini (Otolab).
Interview by Charles Smidlin for Creators Project us.

July del 2016
Performance in the former power station Daste e Spalenga for Invisible°Show, hosted by contemporary locus 10 Alfredo Pirri PASSi.

november 2017
“Sounds of Concrete”, a documentary produced by NEUNAU & Vice France and director Elodie Rassel in partnership with Comme des Garçons for a “concrete fragrance campaign”.