sound of concrete


Watch the full video:

 “Sounds of Concrete”, a documentary produced by NEUNAU  & Vice France, director by Elodie Rassel in partnership with Comme des Garçons.

 Audio Track produced by NEUNAU for: Comme des Garçons “Concrete Fragrance” Campaign.


All field recordings and the complete story about the journey made throughout the sounds of machines and environments is available on CD and digital support.

All The publishing is carried out by ” Incisionirupestri “

produced by neunau
mixin in “rumore bianco studio” Valcamonica
Pier Enrico Villa & Maggioni Sergio

sound from the forge


contemporary locus 10 reopens the abandoned powerhouse Daste e Spalenga with the site-specific project “Passi” by the artist Alfredo Pirri. Using the structural materials (concrete, iron and wood) of the station itself, Neunau performs a live manipulation of the sounds created by this industrial cathedral.

The music produced for the performance represents a new chapter in Neunau’s production brand new six tracks are available in digital download on Neunau’s bandcamp.